MKV to MP4 Converter 8.0.1

Simple software allowing you to convert .MKV files to the more common .MP4 format

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MKV to MP4 Converter 8.0.1
MKV to MP4 Converter 3.0.1

There are a whole lot of different file extensions out there when it comes to video files, but a lot of them annoyingly won't play, and so a program like the MKV to MP4 Converter really comes in handy to help you format your videos into playable formats.

An Overview of MKV to MP4 Converter

Although it's technically illegal, and thus we do not suggest you do this, most people out there with a computer love to use torrents to grab movies online rather than paying $20 for the Blu-Ray, or love to just download a video to watch in their spare time. There's a problem doing this, however, and that's that most of the HD files today are stored in an MKV format, which is a file extension that's foreign to most PC players. Not only do PC media players have issues with MKV, but if you want to put the file on a thumb drive to watch on your TV, or want to stream it to your gaming console, the MKV format simply gets in the way. It's very compressed and hard to unpack, and it has a lot of issues in audio/video syncing. Basically, a program like the MKV to MP4 Converter is something that will come in handy for many people out there.

To be clear up front, this is a program that's only going to allow you to convert files into an MP4 format. It has a little extra bonus in that you don't have to necessarily insert an MKV file. You can convert AVI and MPEG to MP4 also. The only real issue here is that most media players already play these types, and so the only thing you'd probably need this converter for is actually for the MKV files, which are just annoying. Let's face it!

What MKV to MP4 Converter Is and What It Does

One of the first things that you'll notice about the MKV to MP4 Converter is that it has a simplistic, attractive, clean user interface. It's really easy to install, a relatively lightweight program, and you simply need to drag and drop your MKV file into the converter. Or, if you don't have a monitor big enough for the side by side drag and drop style, you can choose to upload the file from your PC into the converter. Once there, there's only one output option: MP4. Though you can still really fine-tune your quality. You can choose the same FPS rate, the type of audio you want in the output, and other options, which will also control the size of the output file.

The free version will leave a watermark here and thus this is prompting you to purchase the full version. Although the free version does still work well, nobody wants to look at that annoying watermark for an entire movie. Other than that, however, the system works really simply and cleanly. You won't have to adjust a bunch of controls. Once you create your format template, you can simply drop in your MKV file and push convert. The program does the rest and shuts off when it's completed.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use
  • MP4 files have no quality loss
  • Clean looking
  • Lightweight size


  • Trial version leaves watermark
  • Converting may slow PC
  • Can only output in MP4

The MKV-to-mp4-converter allows one to play videos on an iPod. The software can be converted from MKV to MP4 format within a few clicks. With the right converting tool, one has access to high quality videos in record time. Videos developed can be played on many devices, which includes Xbox, 360, PS3, iPod and iTouch devices.

Behind the technology

MKV is a powerful, popular HD video compression tool that has recently grown in popularity due to its ability to accommodate a range of platforms. In addition to watching files on mobile devices, media can be encoded specifically for an MPEG-4 file format, making it possible to leverage available platforms. Tools can support over 180 multimedia formats. Most people are able to quickly convert the video without losing any of the original quality settings. Compression capabilities dramatically reduce the file size of the content. Customization options allow the user to enter in a range of presets in addition to the settings already included in the solution.

Ease of use and the mkv-to-mp4-converter

The tool can complete the conversion process in a matter of minutes with only several clicks. The easy to operate interface makes it easy to learn. The guides included with the symptom eliminate any learning curve. The convenient tool can even shut down the computer after the conversion process upon completion. The 300 percent converting speed is enabled by multithreading. Codecs like H.264 and VC-1 are accommodated in the solution. Files can be converted without losing the original audio compression format using the mkv-to-mp4-converter.

Converting files from one format to another has never been easier with the mkv-to-mp4-converter. Media created can be enjoyed on the most popular consoles and devices. The easy to use interface eliminates much of the learning curve for people of all technical backgrounds.

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